New sound healing track – Monochord in C

As a healer and musician, my path has led me to sound healing as a wellness and therapeutic modality. I’ve been studying the use of tuning forks, singing bowls and ambient and drone music to facilitate healing, harmony and melodic resonance in our bodies and minds.

Here’s a sample of some new work:

Here’s a healthy recipe for Salsa and Red Wine Chicken


Here’s a healthy recipe I created with a bit of Spring zing.
1/2 to 1lb Chicken. Breast or thigh meat (there’s more flavor in the dark meat…)
1/2 cup salsa (mild is fine, spicier is better)
1/4 cup red wine
1/4 to 1/2 white onion diced
1/4 cup oil (I used coconut but olive is great too)
2 diced tomatoes
1) Combine the red wine and salsa in a bowl.
2) Cut the chicken in strips, about a 1/4 inch wide by 4 inches long and put into the bowl to marinate for at least 4 hours. For maximum effect marinate chicken overnight.
3) In a frying pan, sauté the onions and tomatoes for about 5 minutes in your oil of choice.
4) set aside the tomatoes and onions in another dish.
5) Sauté the chicken strips in a frying pan with the oil for a about 20 minutes flipping the pieces over once and putting a cover on the pan
6) Put the tomatoes and onions back in the pan and cook with chicken for an additional 5 minutes
7) Serve and enjoy

The Healing Sound of Singing Bowls


I love Tibetan singing bowls. I use them for meditation, relaxation and helping people find healing and peace with the resonant and magical sound that they create. As I continue to learn the power of healing with sound, I realize that I already learned a great deal about using singing bowls for healing when I worked with mental health clients.

Here’s a piece (peace) I created using some of my bowls.

Fortune Favors Those Who Practice Gratefulness

I’m a damn lucky guy. I’ll always believe and appreciate this fact. I’ve survived a number of near-death experiences, I’m surrounded by family and friends that epitomize love, and I am with the woman of my dreams. I was inspired to write this piece because I just left Boston to move to Flagstaff, AZ with my girlfriend, Melissa and I was thinking how lucky I’ve been to grow up in Boston.

While I may not always be happy and even-keeled with my bipolar disorder, I have talents and skills that have enabled me to weather psychiatric storms and turn my suffering into meaning thereby being able to help others through crises. Like most people, I have my challenges and struggles in life but I’ve worked hard to learn about stress management and wellness.

I’m grateful to be able to have enough resources to have this great MacBook and share my writing with you good people out there. This too is part of my good fortune. I’m constantly in awe of what technology can do for us. I realize that there are many people who take their technology for granted and are ruled by their smart phones and TVs, but there are also lots of us who get it too.

When you struggle with difficulties in life, just step back and reassess your life. Look at the aspects of your life that are part of your fortune. Thank whatever power or being that you believe in. Express your gratitude to your loved ones. It’s a simple concept but often needs reminding.



I’m grateful to be able to visit my family in Longboat Key, FL




Healing With Sound


I’ve decided the incorporate a new technique into my wellness work: sound healing. Being a musician as well as a healer makes sound healing a perfect mix of my skills.

I’ll keep you updated as my journey progresses. So far, I’ve used a set of tuning forks and four different Tibetan singing bowls on two volunteers. This entails working with their chakras and places of discomfort. It’s already been amazing and there’s so much to learn about the field of sound healing!

Now, off to move to Flagstaff, AZ and get connected to Sedona’s world of healers!

To Consume or Create?

In this consumer obsessed society, sometimes it’s hard to stay on creative task and not get distracted by all the big, shiny objects in the world. There are SO many distractions and items to acquire. For many of us, we are big game hunters in the consumer sense. We sublimate our need to catch our prey by finding the coolest collectible or the sharpest clothing.

The answer is the practice discipline and focus. To fight the good creator fight and not give in to the temptation of acquiring items. Yes, easier said than done!

Now, you have to understand this is coming from a guy who collects records, CDs, comics, and toys. I’m continually striving to keep it down to a minimum but I’m an avowed music addict so that’s the hardest one to stop collecting. There’s nothing like finding that KISS record I’ve been seeking or graphic novel.

I have a mantra that I use when I feel the pull to collect:

Create! Not Consume!

It’s still hard sometimes but the more I divert myself and be productive, the stronger my resolve becomes. The more I practice by drawing in my sketchbook or creating music on my Ipad out in a cafe, the less I feel obsessed with the hunt.

Meditation can lead to Creation


Fully being in the creative zone can be an altered state of consciousness. It’s that transcendent state where time seems to both stay still and move at a mystical rate. That sort of artistic state is what we all hope to be in when we create but what happens when it doesn’t? What do you do when your creative well has some dryness?

I’ve found that switching the mental energetic gears can be key to finding my reservoirs of creation. The simplest (thought not easy) way I find to tap into the creative ether is through meditation. It help’s me detach from my habitual processes and opens up channels to other ideas.

In future posts, I’ll go more into detail about how I meditate but you can find plenty of resources out there. Trying to just dive into meditation on your own isn’t likely to happen so I recommend finding other people or a community where you can learn the basics of it. I originally studied with a Zen monk and then pursued it on my own.

Here’s a quick guided meditation that I created that might help: